Wind energy onshore
and offshore inspector


Nowadays, most wind turbine inspections are performed using lifting equipment and altitud technicians. These solutions are expensive, time-consuming and inefficient in most cases, while an effective automatic damage identification tool, such as a UAV, is a desired solution in the industry.

WEGOOI will enable customers to dramatically reduce wind turbine inspection costs, increase the effectiveness of damage assessment and eliminate risks to personnel. This platform will be especially suitable for difficult-to-access structures such as wind turbines, and the company will adapt its technology to meet the exact needs of this market.


The inspection and maintenance of wind turbines has a high cost that affects the price of electricity, mainly due to the lack of automation of these processes.


The existing UAVs on the market require constant attention from the pilot and additional workload to process the data, which results in an inefficient and arduous process.


Fully automated UAVs that autonomously inspect at the push of a button and identify imperfections in wind turbines in real time.

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