Dron escaneando analizando de viento

WEGOOI: Wind energy onshore and offshore inspector

Inspections of wind turbines are often carried out by ground telescopes and specialized technicians, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient. Inspections with drones have great potential to improve time and cost efficiency but existing platforms lack automation and real-time information. 

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Software tecnología aeronáutica gestionable

TESTOMAT: The next level of test automation

Nowadays, quality software has come to mean “easy to adapt” because of the constant pressure to change. Consequently, modern software teams seek a delicate balance between two opposing forces: striving for reliability and striving for agility.

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PEGAsUS: Autonomous navigation software platform

Recently, drones have had a significant accelerations in their development. Thanks to the evolution of computer vision techniques, autonomous navigation has advanced significantly, using GPS and IMU measurements as initial state estimation and refining it with computer vision.

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