The relative navigation technology of Alerion will allow to be able to trace the structure perfectly and land on a boat autonomously. This will allow autonomous missions to be carried out in a reduced time, offering a more efficient technology for operations in marine environments.

The project has the following objectives:

    • A precision relative navigation system with autonomous obstacle avoidance and tracing will be developed. Alerion will develop a positioning system based solely on 3D LIDAR that is capable of estimating the position, translation and rotation of the drone with respect to the target. Alerion will implement visual servoing techniques and LiDAR object tracing to carry out relative navigation at close range.
    • A new data fusion will be developed as a complementary aid system to GNSS positioning. So that the drone acquires higher flight precision and also can land precisely in a mobile environment by using IR-UWB technology. This casuistry will occur in marine environments, where it is necessary to take off and land in ships.