Nowadays quality software has come to mean “easy to adapt” due to constant pressure to change. Consequently, modern software teams seek a delicate balance between two opposing forces: striving for reliability and striving for agility.

The project The TESTOMAT project will support software teams to strike the right balance by increasing development speed without sacrificing quality. The project will ultimately result in a Test Automation Improvement Model, which will define the key improvement areas in test automation, with a focus on measurable improvement steps.

Alerion will offer a use case for small robotic platforms embedded with Linux-based operating systems. The company will provide access to the autonomous aerial robotics platform, especially for infrastructure inspection.


Majority of the time spent developing embedded software is for the testing and continuous integration phase.


The lack of automation of prioritization of unit tests and integration causes the software development process to be delayed or the delivered product is not completely reliable.


A tool for prioritizing and automating unit and integration tests.

This project has been financed by CDTI under the grant INNO-20171100 and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.