Alerion was born in 2014 in Munich (Germany) and incubated at ESA Business Incubation Centre - Bavaria though the European Space Agency's Technology Transfer Program. Our dynamic team comprises engineers with research and industry experience in developing high performance drones for extreme environments, inhigh-performance computational software and in computer vision.

Since 2016, Alerion has been offering custom automated industrial inspection solutions for wind energy infrastructures using its patent-pending laser navigation technology that permits high-precision navigation up-close to structures. 


Despite our focus on technology development, nature is still our inspiration, our driving force. These are two worlds that evolve at different speeds, and we must find ways to bring the two together. We develop solutions that help preserve the environment and shape tomorrow’s world, where technology and nature not only coexist, but benefit from one another.


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Desire to do things well, with coherence, integrity, and consequence, taking care of every fine detail, always looking for nothing less than sublime results.

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Seamlessly adapt to different scenarios and challenges. Identify needs beforehand in order to offer the best possible solution, staying a step ahead.



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Power of exploration to innovate and improve existing solutions. We are comfortable taking risks and navigating the uncertainty of the unknown.

Robot aéreo autónomo sobrevolando molino de viento


Intelligent drones

Intelligent platforms that are capable of recognizing their environment and making their own decisions to carry out required tasks independently. 

Autonomous navigation

Completely autonomous and automated platforms that perform exceptionally well in challenging and extreme environmental conditions. 

Computer vision

Systems that employ computer vision techniques to learn about their operating environment and facilitate appropriate decision-making. 

Embedded computing

Embedded software that integrates the latest techniques in high-performance computing and machine learning for efficient results. 

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